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Stall Stocks Uni




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  • Horse restraint
  • Hinged kick gates for safety
  • Non-intimidating for the horse
  • Ideal for use when pregnancy checking, grooming or handling a horse
  • For left or right handed use
Stall Stock UNI is a horse restraint that is safe for the horse and its handler. Stall Stock features kick gates that can be opened at both ends. The kick panels will not crack or shatter. Comes in a standard 30" X 72" size that is ideal for most horses. Can be setup for left or right handed use.

The Stall Stock UNI is non-intimidating for the horse and is veterinary recommended for horse pregnancy checking, dental, blood work and other medical procedures. It can also be used in the foaling stall to restrain the mare while working with the foal or for grooming and handling of the animal.

This horse restraint features a double latch system that allows the unit to fold flat on the wall therefore requiring minimal space when not in use. It can also be stored in a corner. This horse restraint equipment is constructed of heavy gauge steel with steel kick panels and steel inner panels to prevent injury. All welds and edges have been deburred so there are no sharp edges to injure the horse or handler.
Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Color: Black

Weight: 190 lb

Size: 30" x 72"

Material: Constructed of heavy gauge steel with steel kick panels and steel inner panels.
For horses.
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