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SpectoGard Spectam Scour Halt




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  • This product is available by prescription only.
  • Due to federal and state laws, we cannot accept returns on prescription items.
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  • Provides treatment against a variety of gram-negative & positive organisms
  • Treats E.coli in baby pigs
  • Contains 50 mg/mL Spectinomycin
SpectoGard™ Spectam Scour Halt provides fast-acting and effective treatment against a variety of gram-negative and gram-positive organisms, particularly E.coli in baby pigs. Each ml contains 50 mg Spectinomycin.
Store at controlled room temperature, 68°-77°F (20°-25°C)

Keep out of reach of children
Pigs under 10 lb - 1 pump (1 ml) twice daily
Pigs over 10 lb - 2 pumps (2 ml) twice daily

Each pump of the plunger delivers 1 ml of solution containing 50 mg of spectinomycin. Treatment may be continued twice daily for 3 to 5 days. If pigs do not improve within 48 hours, rediagnosis is suggested.
Each ml contains 50 mg Spectinomycin (from Spectinomycin Dihydrochloride pentahydrate).
This product is only intended for use in pigs under four weeks of age or weighing less than 15 lb.
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