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Single Leg Hydraulic Equine Breeding Phantom



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Breeder's Choice Equine Breeding Phantom

Hydraulic Single Leg

  • Simple to Install
  • Battery Operated
  • Silent Lowering Feature
  • Push of a Button Gives You 30" of Travel
  • Perfect for All Stallion Sizes

The Breeder's Choice SINGLE Leg Breeding Phantom has proven style with enhanced usability. With the push of a button you will have 30" of quiet travel. The minimum height of the phantom is 39" from the top of the phantom (18" off the ground from the bottom of the phantom) and all the way up to 69" tall!!

You wonder who would need to have a phantom so low? Imgaine a collection with an elderly stallion that would not need to use his worn out hocks to back off the phantom. Once the stallion flags his tail, simply lower the phantom and his feet will practically be on the ground when he backs off. The lowering of the hydraulic lift is silent and the speed is adjustable. He won't be scared, just comfortable.

Another day in the collection shed may present an excited younger stallion who high-centers himself. This situation can be VERY dangerous for all involved including your stallion. Simply lower the phantom so he can get off safely and keep everyone in the shed safe from flying hooves.

And if that wasn't enough, this Breeder's Choice Phantom has self contained power. The battery is conveniently located inside the phantom body so there is no need to run electrical power to it under the floor. For simplified battery maintenence, a battery tester and tender are attached to the phantom.

Due to shipping regulations we can not ship the phantom with the hydraulic fluid or the battery. Here are our suggested options, available at any auto parts stores:

     1 12v Deep Cycle Battery
     1 Gallon Standard Hydraulic Fluid

Breeder's Choice still has the same great and popular body styles.

  • The most popular "Contoured" body, built for easy AV handling,  is 7' X 21" in diameter.
  • The "Regular" body style (no-cut out contourfor easier AV handling) is 6'long and 21" in diameter.

The phantom cover is made of ballistic nylon for a softer more comfortable fabric that increases the aesthetics and durability of your Breeder's Choice Phantom. Only available in black.

We strongly recommend using breeding hips with any phantom. Our Leather and Fleece Breeding Blankets help your stallions knees from being worn and help keep your stallion from "paddling" during collection. The blankets also provide protection from shoe cuts to the phantom cover.

Assembly is simple! The legs and body are completely assembled when received at your location. After the leg sleeves are set in concrete, you will only need to attach the legs to the body then install in the sleeves. This requires only one bolt per leg and the bolts are included in the shipment as well as instalation instructions.

Breeder's Choice warranties their phantoms (excluding the cover) for 2 years.

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