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Serum Amyloid A Test (SAA Test Kit)



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Early identification of infection can be challenging, as the clinical signs are often subtle.

VMRD SAA is an indispensable tool to aid veterinarians in this challenge, as serum amyloid A (SAA) is rapidly responsive to clinical changes. It is virtually undetectable in normal animals but increases with acute inflammation more rapidly, dramatically, and predictably than fibrinogen or WBC count. SAA starts dropping as soon as disease begins to resolve, allowing objective monitoring of clinical condition and treatment efficacy.

VMRD SAA for Equine is a 10-minute horse-side lateral flow test designed for use in field or hospital settings. Test pouches are set up for use with whole blood*, with numerical results provided by the VMRD Reader (sold separately).

*If testing serum or plasma is desired, please contact us to purchase the accessory serum/plasma measurement pack.

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Watch this helpful Video: How to Run the VMRD SAA Test.

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