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  • Cat and dog ultrasound machine
  • Uses a Microsoft Surface Go 2 Tablet to display high-resolution images
  • Automatic cloud backup of scanned images and videos
  • Portable ultrasound machine for dogs and cats
  • Micro-convex probe is idea for cats and small and medium sized dogs

ScanX Portable Ultrasound with Micro-Convex Probes is a lightweight veterinary ultrasound system. This portable ultrasound machine for dogs and cats uses a Microsoft Surface Go 2 8GB Tablet and is ideal for small animals and perfect for reproductive exams of dogs, cats, goats. The bright, 10-inch high-resolution touchscreen and automatic cloud backup of scanned images and videos allows virtual access to saved images and videos anywhere. The tablet features built-in Wifi and Dolby® Audio™.

The micro-convex probe is ideal for cats and small and medium sized dogs (including tall and lean dogs), including the following: Chihuahua, Toy Poodle, Pekingese, Corgi, Cocker Spaniel, Labrador/ Retriever, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Standard Poodle, Border Collie, Doberman, Yorkshire Terrier, Dachshund, West Island White Terrier, Whippet, Shih Tzu, etc.

The micro-convex probe with 80 crystals has a 15 mm radius and a frequency of 5-8.5 MHz (6.5 MHz main frequency) the micro-convex probe offers scanning depths up to 15 cm.

Includes a 10.5" Microsoft Go 2 tablet that has ports available to connect to larger screens, printers, upload scans and videos to your computer via USB port.

ScanPad+ software package and one ultrasound micro-convex probe. The examination types included in the software package include: distance, angle, area, trace length and area, length ratio, area ratio. The software also includes comprehensive multi-species presets for several animals and exam types including Gynecology and Obstetrics Settings.

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Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Tablet Weight: 1.2 lb

Probe Frequency Range: 5-8.5 MHz for micro-convex

Probe Footprint: 15 mm

Probe Number of Crystals: 80

Probe Scanning Depth: 10-150 mm

Screen Size/ Resolution: 10.5 inch/220 ppi resolution

Battery Life: Up to 10 hours on a single charge (based on typical usage).

Scan Modes: B, M, 2B, B/M, and 4B scan modes
View the ScanX Quick Start Guide
View the ScanX User Guide

To Scan:
Apply ultrasound gel to your probe.
The easiest method for pregnancy detection is to scan along the midline of the female dog or cat, starting at the bladder (nearest the tail) and working up to the liver.
Adjust the image controls, so that the area of interest is in the middle of the screen.
Scan in the nipple line up to the liver and spleen.
Return down to the bladder dipping the probe, angling to the left, then repeat the sweep angling and dipping to the right.
Only after completing a methodical survey of the abdomen, can you be sure that you have not missed anything.

Tips: Both the tablet and transducer will likely come with protective covers. You do not need to remove the clear screen protector cover to use your tablet, but you must remove the protective strip from the probe to be able to scan.

Ultrasound gel is an acoustic couplant, not just a lubricant. It is not advisable to substitute ultrasonic gel for any other type of gel or cream. In a pinch, the best substitute for ultrasound gel is water, as it has a similar acoustic impedance to ultrasound gel and soft tissue. It is not recommended to use alcohol as it will damage your probe head over time.

Ultrasound waves do not pass-through air. Air blocks the signal and as hair and fur trap air bubbles it will interfere with the image. It is ideal to shave the area to ensure direct contact between the ultrasound probe and skin (and of course, gel) unless there is little hair/fur interfering with the image, in which case, shaving is unnecessary. Ultrasound gel eliminates air between the probe and the skin surface. Remember, air is the enemy! If you don't want to shave, do your best to wet down the hair/fur with water/gel and separate it so that the probe has good contact with the skin.

Playing with the controls is the best way to learn and remember they will always reset back to default once you turn off your machine. Remember, you can freeze an image while scanning to stop transmitting ultrasound waves to allow you to focus on the image and adjust settings. Try to adjust the gain, the depth and frequency to ensure you make the most of what you are seeing.
For small and medium sized dogs, cats and goats.
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