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Psittimune® Avian Polyomavirus Vaccine



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  • Avian polyomavirus vaccine for birds
  • Annual parrot vaccination
  • For birds 5 weeks of age and older
  • Only federally licensed APV vaccine on the market
  • Killed vaccine for parrots
Psittimune® APV successfully prevents infection and death from avian polyomavirus in parrots. This vaccine for birds is a killed vaccine and a patented avian polyomavirus containing an antigenic isolate of avian polyomavirus. Psittimune® APV vaccine aids in the prevention of avian polyomavirus infection prior to virus exposure and is the only federally licensed product of its kind.

The polyomavirus vaccine for birds is recommended for young, healthy psittacine birds. Young birds should initially be vaccinated at 5 weeks (35 days) of age. To complete primary immunization, a second dose of this APV vaccine must be given two to three weeks following initial vaccination. Annual revaccination is recommended and susceptible breeders should be vaccinated prior to laying season.
Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals. Do not inject the vaccine into muscle tissue or internal organs or intradermally.

Storage: Store the vaccine at 35-45°F (2-7°C). Do not freeze.
Instructions: Vaccinate healthy birds with the appropriate size dose (0.5ml for birds weighing 200gm or greater when adults, 0.25ml for birds weighing less than 200 grams when adults).

This vaccine for birds should be administered subcutaneously with a 23 to 26 gauge needle to one side of the caudal end of the breast avoiding the muscle and the keel. Care should be taken not to inject the vaccine into muscle tissue or internal organs or intradermally. Administer the second vaccination on the contralateral side two to three weeks later.

Warming the vaccine to 85 to 90°F before use reduces stress on the bird. It is essential to shake the vaccine before and during use since the vaccine quickly settles.

Shake the bottle of vaccine well before removing each dose with a syringe and needle. Use entire contents when first opened.
For parrots 35 days of age or older.
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