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  • Dog sperm motility testing
  • Results in 30 minutes
  • Helps determine dog's fertility potential
  • Measures Progressive Motile Sperm Cell concentration
  • Clinical study result with 95% accuracy
PetCount™ sperm quality test for dogs measures your dog's sperm quality. Designed for dog owners, breeders, and veterinarians, this male dog fertility test measures Progressive Motile Sperm Cells (PMSC), the best predictor for a dog's fertility potential. The easy-to-read results are available in just 30 minutes. The dog sperm test kit is user friendly and contains materials needed for collection and one sperm quality test.
One test contains:
PetCount™ Sperm Quality Test
Semen Collection Cup
Semen Collection Funnel
Semen Transfer Syringe
Semen Collection Gloves
PetCount™ Instructions for use

Cautions: Do not reuse. Do not use expired device. For in vitro diagnostic use only. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Storage: Store at room temperature (36° to 86° F)
Note: Only fresh raw sperm samples can be used. Chilled and frozen sperm samples will not give a valid result.

To collect: Collect your dog's sperm sample in the supplied collection cup or in the collection funnel. Stir the sample 10 times to get a homogeneous sample. Collect 0.5 mL with the supplied syringe, avoiding air bubbles inside the syringe.

To perform test: Keep test device on a horizontal surface throughout the test procedure. Add the sample slowly to the sample well. Push the slider slowly to activate the device. Wait 30 minutes, keeping the device on a horizontal surface. After 30 minutes, pull the slider back and read the result. The darker the color, the more PMSCs are present in the sample. The test result should be read within 5 minutes after pulling the slider back.
For dogs only
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