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  • Pad-Tough™ is a toughening agent that provides paw protection for dogs
  • Made with comfrey extract and aloe vera to soothe sore paws and nourish paw pads
  • The fingertip sprayer and quick-drying formula allow for easy application
  • Excellent for working dogs in rough terrains and extreme temperatures
  • Can toughen elbows to protect against calluses and hygroma
Protect your hard-working dog's paws from harmful environments, rough terrains and extreme temperatures with Pad-Tough™. This toughening agent actively coats tender, soft or sore pads, providing exceptional paw pad protection. Aloe vera and comfrey extract work to simultaneously heal, moisturize and soothe for nourishment after a hard day's work or play.

Whether your dog treads the streets, assists in the hunt or runs the yard, Pad-Tough™ helps keep sensitive paw pads from drying and cracking. This solution is ideal for working pups, including rescue, police, military or hunting dogs. Pad-Tough™ can also toughen elbows, protecting against common concerns like calluses and hygroma.
Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Don't worry about the stress and mess of waxes or balms. Pad-Tough comes in an easy-to-use sprayer for easy application and even coverage in seconds.

Storage: Store at room temperature.

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Instructions: Pad-Tough™ should be applied liberally before any rigorous outdoor activity, such as outdoor exercise, field trials, hunting or dog shows. Safe to use routinely.
Contains purified water, comfrey extract, tolu balsam, isopropyl alcohol, propylene glycol, ethyl alcohol, storax, benzoin and aloe vera.
For dogs.
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