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  • P.G. 600® is intended to improve reproductive efficiency in swine
  • Used for the induction of estrus in prepuberal gilts and weaned sows
  • For animals that are experiencing a delayed return to estrus
  • Improves breeding performance in hot weather months
  • Mimics naturally-occurring reproductive hormones
P.G. 600 is non-returnable.

What is P.G. 600® Used for?

P.G. 600 is a vaccine used for pigs aged 5 ½ months or older that weigh at least 187 pounds. You can receive this medication from Merck through Revival Animal Health.

This vaccine is used to improve reproductive efficiency in swine. Specifically, it helps more prepubertal gilts and weaned sows cycle on schedule — primarily in the summer when pig markets are higher.

How P.G. 600 Works

P.G. 600 contains serum gonadotropin and chorionic gonadotropin, which work to mimic the naturally occurring follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones. The injection induces the estrus cycle in female pigs, making them sexually receptive. Following a P.G. 600 injection, estrus can occur within three to seven days.

Important Specifications for Pigs

When using P.G. 600, keep the following precautions in mind:

  • This medication should be stored at 36 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Only use the injection for healthy swine. It's not for pigs that are already pregnant.
  • P.G. 600 should only be used on pigs at or older than  5 ½ months and weighing 187 pounds or more.
  • Once opened, the entirety of the product should be used — please do not store it for later use.

Revival Animal Health offers P.G. 600 vaccines in five doses. A single purchase comes with a vial for medication and a vial of buffered water. Revival Animal Health also sells needles and syringes for easy administration.

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For animal use only.
Once reconstituted, P.G. 600 should be used immediately.
Unused solution should be disposed of properly and not stored for future use.

Store at 36°-46° F .
Directions for Use: Prepuberal gilts should be injected when they are selected for addition to the breeding herd. Sows should be injected at weaning during periods of delayed return to estrus.

Using a sterile syringe and a sterile 0.90 x 38 mm (20 G x 1 ½") hypodermic needle, transfer approximately 5 ml of the sterile diluent into the vial of freeze-dried powder. Shake gently to dissolve the powder. Transfer the dissolved product back into the vial of diluent and shake gently to mix. Inject one dose (5 ml) into the gilt or sow's neck behind the ear.

Treatment will not induce estrus in gilts that have already reached puberty (begun to cycle). Gilts that are less than 5½ months of age or that weigh less than 85 kg (187 lb) may not be mature enough to continue normal estrus cycles or maintain a normal pregnancy to full term after treatment.

Treatment will not induce estrus in sows that are returning to estrus normally 3 to 7 days after weaning. Delayed return to estrus is most prevalent after the first litter; the effectiveness of P.G. 600 has not been established after later litters. Delayed return to estrus often occurs during periods of adverse environmental conditions, and sows mated under such conditions may farrow smaller than normal litters.
When reconstituted, the five dose vial (25 ml) of P.G. 600 contains:
Serum Gonadotropin (PMSG): 2000 IU
Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG): 1000 IU
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