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Nylon Monofilament Black Non-absorbable Suture




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  • Nylon, Non-absorbable Monofilament Black Suture
  • Strong tensile strength exceeds USP requirement
  • Excellent knot security
  • Smooth surface for easy tissue passage
  • Comparable to Ethilon®

Nylon, Non-absorbable Suture Needle Combo 3-0, NFS-1 allows for smooth passage through tissue minimizing stitching trauma. The strong tensile strength exceeds the USP requirement. Nylon Non-absorbable Suture features excellent knot security. It's comparable to Ethilon®. Black thread color enhances visibility. Packaged 12 per box.

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Nylon Monofilament, Black, Non-absorbable Suture
Size: 3-0 with NFS-1 needle
Length: 30" (75 cm)
Composition: Polyamide
Absorption Type: Non-absorbable
Structure: Monofilament
Thread Color: Black
Packaged: 12 per box

Sterile. Single Use Only.
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