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MagnaBox Seat



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  • MagnaBox Seat easily attaches to the MagnaBox Whelping Box
  • Quick and simple to attach
  • Sit down when you're working in your whelping box
  • Nests in the corner of box for a firm grip
  • Works great for supplies, iPads, or a beverage
The MagnaBox Seat attaches directly to the MagnaBox Whelping Box. It can be added to any size MagnaBox. Machined slots on the bottom of the seat nest in the corner for a firm grip. This seat works great for when you're working in your whelping box or watching your puppies. It is also a great place to set supplies, iPads, or a beverage.
12"L x 12" W x 1"H
Attach to corner of MagnaBox.
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