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Lixit® Water Nipple L-70



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  • Lixit® Water Nipple L-70 supplies your pet with a limitless supply of clean, fresh water
  • When pet licks the stainless steel lever, water flowers under the valve head and through the hollow lever into the animal's mouth
  • Saves you time, work, worry and frustration
  • Provides a safe and permanent water supply
  • Durable, corrosion-proof, and freeze-proof stainless steel
When your pet licks the stainless steel lever of the Lixit® Water Nipple L-70, the water flows under the valve head and through the hollow lever into the animal's mouth. The gentle flow release shuts off automatically when they release the lever. This will save you time, work, worry and frustration by providing a safe, permanent, and limitless water supply. Easily attaches to any ½" standard pipe. Durable, corrosion-proof, and freeze-proof stainless steel. Great for kennels, dogs, goats, sheep, swine and other animals. Made in USA.
Measures 2 ¾" long.

Product Sheet
Apply thread sealant and install your water nipple tilted downwardly in a ½ pipe fitting, about shoulder high to the animal.

Adjustable Water Flow:
Before installing, remove filter screen and preset the desired water flow by inserting the appropriate flow control orifice. Use without an orifice for under 10 psi pressure; use the large hole orifice (this is the factory-installed orifice) for 10 to 60 psi pressure; use the small hole orifice if over 60 psi pressure.

Animal Training:
Remove all sources of available water, then show the installed Water Nipple to the animal(s) by moving the nipple control and letting water trickle out. Most animals will immediately start sniffing, nuzzling, and licking the hollow water-filled nipple control and learn to drink from it. If not, wait until they are thirsty and demonstrate again. During the waiting period, leave the nipple loosely attached so water will seep past the threads and slowly drip. The dripping water will attract the animal back to the nipple for self-training. Tighten securely when training is assured.

If your water system contains particles of silt or sand, we recommend that a filter be installed in the supply line ahead of the valve. Sand particles can lodge under the valve seal and cause leakage.

Nipples should be checked periodically to detect any flow rate reduction from the filter screen plugging. If dripping occurs, press the control lever inward and entrapped particles usually will be flushed away.
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