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Lab Armor Bead Bath



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14 Liter
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Want to save Thou$ands on lab equipment and have less work? 
This is your answer. The all in one Water Bath/ Slide Warmer/ Incubator. 
Warm your slides, thaw your extender, and warm up just about 
anything with out water contamination with the New Lab Armor All-In-1! Watch Video Demo

Fast start.

This 14L Bath gets the Bath Beads up and running faster and you never 

need to turn it off.  There is nothing to evaporate. Its just like a trusty 

always-on incubator. Unlike a standard bead-filled water bath, Bead 

Bath allows you to achieve a new set temperature quickly, without 

long warm up delays, so you can make quick adjustments on

 the fly.

Uniform temperatures.

With Bead Bath designed specifically for beads, 

temperatures are consistant and uniform everywhere in the bath. 

Thermal uniformity is an amazing +/- 0.5ºC at 37ºC and +/- 1.0 at 65ºC.

Stays organized.

Unlike water baths that require racks, floats, and bottleneck weights, Bead 

Bath naturally holds things in place without accessories. So no more 

floating accidents. Really.

Always on.

Bead Bath makes using the bath easy. The bath always stays on, so you 

don't have to plan around warmup times. You don't need to worry 

about burnout either because there is no water to evaporate.

Stays clean and filled.

Water baths must be routinely monitored, cleaned, and maintained. While 

its a good idea to keep an eye on Bead Bath, it really doesn't need 

too much attention. A monthly spritz of a biodegradable disinfectant is 

usually sufficient.  Imagine, no more cleaning the yucky water!

Any type vessel.

By design, the types and kinds of vessels that can be 

used with Bead Bath aren’t limited water-tight containers. So you 

can safely incubate multiwell plates and petri dishes — or thaw 

precious samples— without fear of water wicking under their lids. And 

vessels can be set into the beads at any angle for better thermal 

optimization. Want to thaw your frozen semen in this bath, just add a 

small goblet with water to the bead bath. Once the water is up to temperature drop your straws in. 


Kit includes:

 Bath Beads

1 Bath

1 Slide Plate (removeable)

Click here for video on how to clean your bead bath

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