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Knee Protection for Stallions-ReWrap Pro



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We believe these wraps are ideal to use on stallions knees to privied protection for your stallion's knees during collection. Watch this helpful video made by Dr. Sue McDonnell at the Hofmann Center University of Pennsylvania. 

ReWrapPro™ bandages conform to virtually any location and resist slipping even during strenuous exercise and stallion collection! The unique design characteristics of ReWrapPro™ bandages make it possible to bandage the most difficult areas with confidence. They are excellent for treatment, hock, knee, standing, shipping and exercise bandages as well as the application of splints and braces. When you try them you will recognize the important differences between these and other bandages and we believe ReWrapPro™ will become the first choice for all your stallion protection, veterinary and exercise bandage needs!! ReWrap bandages are very durable and you can wash and reuse them many times.  
SOLD AS EACH, Please order 2 for collection use. Size 4"x10'. Other sizes available through special order. Color BLACK
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