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JorVet Animal Stretcher



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  • Two wheels on one end; heavy duty carrying handle on the other
  • Lightweight, coated steel frame
  • Three 2"W heavy duty, reinforced nylon straps with buckles
  • Holds up to 80 kg
  • 24" W X 48" L

No one likes to think about one of their animals getting hurt, but when emergencies happen, you want to be prepared! Whether your pet has been in an accident or simply needs some extra help getting around, this large animal stretcher offers optimum support. Three sturdy straps secure your animal, providing stability without sacrificing comfort. The bed is heavy duty nylon and holds up to 80 kilograms. With wheels on one end and a sturdy handle on the other, one person can easily maneuver large animals they couldn't move otherwise. The stretcher can also be carried by two people in the traditional fashion. If you're transporting a handicapped pet or need a just-in-case emergency solution, this animal stretcher is a must have.

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24"W X 48"L
Remove from packaging, unfold stretcher, and cut off tags. Un-Velcro one of the two ends, sliding the nylon bed down the poles and away from this un-Velcro-ed end so that it becomes less taut. When you have enough wiggle room, slide the smaller of the poles into the larger and push together until tight. Then, readjust the bed - slide it back up along the pole toward the un-Velcro-ed end. Re-Vecro.
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