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Hydroxyzine Powder



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Hydroxyzine is a antihistamine medication used to manage symptoms related to allergies, especially those of the skin. The oral powder that Custom Compounding Pharmacy makes is offered in several flavors and can easily be sprinkled over feed for administration.

Equine Allergies
Horses can have allergic skin reactions for many reasons, just like people, it can be caused by diet, insects, touching something, or breathing something in. If the reaction is caused by diet, determining what is causing it and removing it may be an easy way to solve that problem, but unfortunately it may not be that simple for all causes of allergies. The spring and summer months can be difficult for horses with allergies as airborne allergens, like pollen, and insects are starting to become rampant after the dormant winter months. When horses have allergies they may exhibit hives or hair loss, which can be made worse by another common side effect of allergies which is scratching. If you notice your horse may be having an issue with allergies Hydroxyzine is a great, and affordable, option to treat them.

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