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Draminski Dog Pregnancy Detector



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  • Provides early diagnosis of dog pregnancy
  • Fast results
  • Easy-to-use dog pregnancy scan
  • Accurate
  • Uses ultrasonic wave reflection to detect pregnancy
No Returns due to possible contamination and exposure to infectious diseases.
The Draminski Dog Pregnancy Detector uses ultrasonic wave reflection to detect canine pregnancy. This dog pregnancy scan provides fast and accurate results and is easy-to-use.

Set comes with one ultrasound pregnancy detector with cable, one ultrasonic probe, bottle of liquid paraffin, one 9V battery and a transport case with manual.
Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Power Supply: One 9V battery

Net weight: 12 oz

Storage: Store in a dry location.

Pregnancy Detector User Manual
To Use: Press probe to the dog's skin. The probe sends an ultrasound beam which is reflected from uterine horn filled with fluid and returns to the probe, causing a change of signal generated by the device. Repeat the test for several consecutive days to make the diagnosis more reliable.
For use with female dogs only.
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