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Draminski Dog Ovulation Detector




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Ovulation Detector 2
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  • Detects the best mating time for female dogs
  • Eliminates the need for repeat mating
  • Helps identify "silent heat" and ovarian cycle disorders
  • Saves time and money related to re-mating and vet visits
  • Draminski Dog Ovulation Detector 2 features a large database that records readings
No Returns due to possible contamination and exposure to infectious diseases.

Draminski Dog Ovulation Detectors are perfect devices for breeders who experience problems with effective mating. These ovulation detectors are helpful in identifying heat cycle disorders, split-heats and silent-heats affordably and reliably. They can detect ovarian cycle disorders and determine the best date of mating, eliminating the need for repeat mating. Use solely to determine ovulation; or as a timing tool to know when to start other testing methods to reduce stress and expenses. These ovulation detectors for dogs are portable, handheld, easy-to-use and safe.

The Draminski Dog Ovulation Detector 2 features a large database that allows breeders to enter, store, save and automatically graph results for up to 100 dogs (name, breed, number). The information can easily be transferred to a computer via the USB cable for archiving purposes. Includes memory to store, save and automatically graph results for all your breeding dogs. The Draminski Dog Ovulation Detector 2 also features an LED display for clear and visible measurement results. Batteries are included.

How it Works: The device measures the electrical impedance of the female's vaginal fluid which increases in a unique trend with each female prior to ovulation. When used consistently as directed, this proven method effectively tracks timing when following the LH surge and progesterone levels are at their optimum to indicate when appropriate to proceed with insemination.

Research shows that the peak and decline in readings using the Ovulation Detector occurs two days following the LH surge. The device readings will reach their highest point and start to decline about two days after this at the time of ovulation and it is recommended to inseminate 24 hours (48 at the latest) of this peak and decline in results for the best results.

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Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Power Supply: The Draminski Dog Ovulation Detector 2 requires four AA-type batteries. (Included)

Probe Length: 4.92"

Net weight: Draminski Dog Ovulation Detector 2 is 13 oz

Storage: Store in a dry location.

Ovulation Detector 2 User Manual
Ovulation Detector 2 Software Download Link for Graphing and Printing Reports (Internet is required for download)

Before Use: It is important to carefully disinfect the probe before making a measurement.
To Use: Insert the probe in the dog's vagina. The result is obtained after conducting a measurement cycle. It is advised to conduct one or two measurement cycles per day.
For use with female dogs only.
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