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Cryo-Vial 2ml




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2ml, external thread, bag of 100

Avitrolab Cryovials are designed for bio-storage at temperatures as low as -196°C (but should only be used in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen). Fast thread removes or seals a cap in just 1 ¼ turns. The cap also features a silicone seal to ensure a positive closure at even the lowest cryogenic temperature. Closure and vials are both manufactured of specially formulated polypropylene with the same coefficient of expansion, ensuring an equally secure seal both at room temperature and at low cryogenic temperatures. Tubes can be easily identified using the white marking area.

Vials are radiation sterilized and packed in a tamper-evident, resealable safety-lock bag of 100. They are also certified DNase/DNA/RNase and pyrogen-free.  Cryovials can be autoclaved.


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