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  • Use during the equine semen freezing process
  • Adds necessary airspace needed when freezing horse semen
  • Fits inside the mouth of a standard 50 ml centrifuge tube
  • Helps recover excess extended horse
  • Disposable
The ARS Disposable Bubbler Comb is used to quickly insert the airspace into a 0.5 ml semen freezing straw before sealing. This airspace is necessary in order to provide ample room for the liquid inside the straw to expand during the horse semen freezing process. This unique design fits securely inside the mouth of a standard 50 ml centrifuge tube and allows the user to recover the excess extended semen. Extended semen drained from the bubbler comb into the empty centrifuge tube can be used to fill additional straws.
Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals.
Directions: The following instructions show the steps necessary to use the ARS Bubbler Comb to insert an airspace into 0.5 ml freezing straws.
  1. Attach the ARS Bubbler Comb onto the top of a standard 50 ml conical centrifuge tube by depressing the sides of the tube and insert the Bubbler Comb into the tube.
  2. Once released, the Bubbler Comb will have a snug fit in the centrifuge tube.
  3. Place the centrifuge tube into a rack to hold it upright during use.
  4. As straws are filled they should be placed onto the prongs of the ARS Bubbler Comb.
  5. Push down on the straws until they are flush with the base of the Bubbler Comb (see Figure 5). This will create a defined air space.
  6. Repeat until the Bubbler Comb has been filled.
  7. Once the Bubbler Comb has been filled, remove straws and tamp sealing powder into airspace until plug is approximately 1/4 inch inside the straw. There should be a small bubble of air remaining inside the straw.
  8. Dip straw in water to seal the plug. Gently shake straw to get the bubble near the center of the straw.
  9. Repeat steps 5 through 8 until all straws have been sealed.
  10. Once the supply of extended semen has been exhausted, semen drained from the Bubbler Comb can be used to fill additional straws. Simply remove the Bubbler Comb and place it on a different centrifuge tube and repeat steps 1 through 9.
  11. Discard Bubbler Comb once all straws have been sealed. It is recommended that a new Bubbler Comb be used for each collection.
For horses.
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