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BotuAI Semen Bottle ONLY



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  • For equine artificial insemination
  • Safely transports cooled equine semen
  • Easy-to-read labels on each bottle
  • Bottle connects directly to the pipette
  • Eliminates the need for syringes during the horse insemination process
BotuAI Semen Bottle is used during the horse insemination process to transport cooled horse semen. This 150 ml semen transport bottle offers a safer and more practical option for transporting semen. Each bottle comes with a label to easily identify the shipped samples, making this bottle a must-have for any horse breeders to add to their list of equine artificial insemination supplies

Unlike plastic bags that may tear during transport, causing loss of the semen sample, BotuAI's design ensures greater safety. The container's lid is designed in a way that allows the vial to be directly attached to the pipette, eliminating the need for syringes during horse artificial insemination.
Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Color: Clear/Red

Size: 150 ml
For equine use.
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