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  • BotuVital for equine reproduction
  • Supports successful AI in horses
  • Helps analyze equine sperm
  • Uses eosin and nigrosin staining applications

Breeders use BotuVital to support the chances of success of artificial insemination in horses. BotuVital comprises a range of substances to help the evaluation of healthy sperm.

Equine Semen Evaluation

BotuVital is a sperm diluent that uses eosin and nigrosin staining applications. The eosin is a counterstain in histology, and nigrosin is used as a negative stain for microscopy. The combination of these substances with other components of the BotuVital diluent lets you analyze sperm pathologies and visualize the plasma membrane's integrity using light microscopy at 100 times immersion.

Leverage BotuVital to support your breeding programs and aid the effectiveness and efficiency of your work. BotuVital may help your breeding strategies and enhance your chances of inseminating with healthy sperm.

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Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Color: White
How to Use BotoVital Diluent for Sperm Evaluation:
To evaluate the equine sperm:
  • Deposit one drop of fresh semen on one slide. Add one drop of BotuVital to the specimen.
  • Integrate the drops until the color is uniform.
  • Use another slide to smear the mixture over the slide without causing mechanical injuries to the sperm.
  • Wait until the slide is dry — approximately five minutes.
  • Use light microscopy at 100 times magnification to view the specimen.
  • Leverage 200 sperm to count and measure the pathologies of the stained and unstained.
Pink-stained sperm indicate damaged plasma membranes, whereas the absence of staining indicates complete plasma membranes.
For horses.
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