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BellyLabs® Canine Pregnancy Test



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  • At home pregnancy test for dogs
  • Results in 10-15 minutes
  • 96% accuracy
  • Relaxin test for dogs
  • Helps distinguish between dog pseudopregnancy and real gestation

Get dog pregnancy test results in 10-15 minutes at home with the BellyLabs® Canine Pregnancy Test. This dog pregnancy test kit has an accuracy of 96% on all dog breeds and sizes. The dog pregnancy test kit contains all the equipment needed to perform a dog pregnancy test at home without a trip to the vet. Developed with breeders and veterinarians to help determine canine pregnancy as well as to distinguish between pseudopregnancy and a real gestation. This at home pregnancy test for dogs measures the relaxin hormone which is present during gestation. This dog pregnancy test is done by using a lancet to gather a small blood sample from the dog’s upper lip.

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Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals. For animal use only. For single use only. Do not use if any of the packages are damaged.

Test Kit Contains: Instruction leaflet, 2 safety lancets, sample swab, buffer tube, test cassette (foil packaging), test package has a cut out to hold the buffer tube

Storage: Store at 36–86 °F/ 2-30 ° C. All test materials should be room temperature at the time of testing.
Instructions: Before testing, make sure that the dog pregnancy test kit components have reached room temperature.

  1. Unpack all the test-kit parts when you are ready to perform the test. Place them on a table or a flat surface and have a timer available. To ease the testing process, press the buffer tube in its assigned location on the packaging, and open the top lid.
  2. Push down the safety tab to activate the lancet.
  3. Have a firm hold of your dog. Lift your dog’s upper lip and press the lancet device firmly against the dog’s inner lip horizontally and press the release button. If you miss or cannot withdraw a sufficient amount of blood, take the spare lancet and repeat this step.
  4. When you see a full droplet of blood, take the sample swab and collect the sample on to the swab until it is red throughout and will no longer absorb any more blood.
  5. Place the sample swab into the liquid and set the timer for 1 minute. Roll the swab in the buffer liquid for 3–5 rounds to help release the sample.
  6. Break off the swab against the tube’s side from the pre-cut break point and close the top lid carefully.
  7. After 1 minute, turn the buffer tube upside down and open the smaller lid.
  8. Turn the buffer tube upright again, hold it vertically and drop 2 drops of sample into the test cassette’s sample hole.
  9. Leave the test undisturbed on a table or a flat surface and set your timer for 10 minutes.
  10. Read the test result 10–15 minutes after performing the test.
For dogs only.
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