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Andis® Pulse Li 5 Adjustable Clipper



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Product Details
  • Made for all coat types
  • Adjustable blade lengths
  • 2 Hours of grooming
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
A cordless clipper made for all coat types, this clipper is a necessity for professional groomers. The new blade design offers improved cutting performance. Save time on grooming dogs with the 5-in-1 adjustable blade lengths, 40-9. This single speed clipper offers 2 hours of nonstop grooming when fully charged. This clipper kit includes 6 snap on guide combs, a clipper stand, the charging adapter and blade oil. One-year warranty on clipper.
Cautions: Never touch both terminals on clipper with metal objects and/or body parts, as short circuit may result. Keep away from children. Failure to comply with these warnings could result in fire or serious injury.
Cleaning and Care:
  • Switch off the appliance before any cleaning or maintenance.
  • Do not immerse the appliance in water!
  • Do not allow any liquid to get inside the appliance.
  • Only reconnect the appliance to the power supply if it is completely dry.
  • Aggressive chemicals could damage the appliance and accessories. Never use solvents or scouring agents. Only use the cleaning agents and blade set oil recommended by the manufacturer.

  1. Remove the attachment comb and lift the blade set out of the housing. Use the cleaning brush to remove any cut hairs from the housing opening and from the blade set. The cleaning lever can also be pressed. This allows the cuts hairs that accumulate between the bottom blade and the top blade to be easily removed using the cleaning brush.
  2. Wipe the appliance with a soft, slightly damp cloth only.
  3. Clean the blade set regularly using a hygienic spray.
  4. Oil the blade set with the blade set oil.
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