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ABT Equine Vitrification Kit




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  • For equine embryo vitrification
  • For long-term storage of vitrified equine embryos
  • Helps with the process of freezing and thawing horse embryos
  • Use in the embryo transfer for horses
This Vitrification Kit helps with the process for freezing equine embryos. The process of equine embryo vitrification allows the horse embryos to survive the freezing and thawing process. When using the enclosed material for long-term storage of vitrified equine embryos, it is essential to know the age and diameter of the embryos.

This Vit Kit for the embryo transfer for horses includes 1 x 8 ml vial of each: VS1 - Vitrification Solution 1, VS2 - Vitrification Solution 2, VS3 - Vitrification Solution 3 and diluent. When it comes to how to store equine embryos with a vit kit, it is highly recommended that embryos be 6 to 6.5 days of age (day 0 = day of ovulation), or approximately 8 days after administration of hCG. The ideal embryo stage for vitrification is a morula or early blastocyst. Ideally, the outer zona of the embryos should be less than 300 microns in diameter and, in the case of blastocysts, the zona should be no less than 1 /2 the normal thickness. It is highly recommended that an optical micrometer be used to measure the diameter of embryos to be vitrified. When performing an embryo transplant in horses with this Vit Kit, embryos with an outer diameter of more than 300 microns will have a very low survival rate following vitrification.

This Vit Kit is based on technology developed by the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory at Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, Colorado.
Kit Contains: 1 x 8 ml vial of each:
VS1 - Vitrification Solution 1
VS2 - Vitrification Solution 2
VS3 - Vitrification Solution 3

Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Storage: Store at 35° to 86°F (2°to 30°C).
Additional Material Needed for Equine Vitrification: When performing equine vitrification, in addition to this kit, you will need:
1) 0.25 cc (1/4 mL) straws , 0.25 cc to 0.5 cc straw adapter plugs and 0.5 cc blue marking straws to be used for labeling.
2) 4 - Well Cluster Dish, Round Bottom, Sterile
3) Fixed volume 30μl Embryo Handling Pipettor (Necessary if Alternative Procedure is chosen. This procedure is highly recommended.)
4) Liquid Nitrogen and container such as a Styrofoam box or Dewar 5) 10 mm canes, blue 10 mm goblets and blue cane tabs
6) Forceps (to support cane in liquid nitrogen)
7) Monoject syringe 1cc with Cook Syringe-Straw Connector 0.25 cc for drawing up media & embryos
8) Timer
9) Zoom Stereo Microscope
10) A 10/100 Eyepiece Micrometer and Wesco Stage Micrometer Scale
11) Semen thaw box with thermometer

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For horses.
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