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Abaxis VetScan® Giardia Rapid Test Kit




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  • Giardia test for dogs
  • Detects Giardia cyst antigens in dogs
  • Fast and easy-to-read results
  • Fecal test for dogs
Test Kits are non-returnable.

The Abaxis VetScan® Giardia Rapid Test Kit is a highly sensitive and specific at home test for the qualitative detection of Giardia cyst antigens in canine feces. The results of this at home giardia test for dogs are easy-to-read and appear in 10 to 15 minutes.

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The Giardia home test for dogs is designed to be quick and simple to use. By following three steps, you should be able to read the results within 10-15 minutes. The results are also designed to be easy to read so you can start appropriately treating dogs.

Store the Giardia antigen test at room temperature. This will help with eliminating some of the test warm-up time. Also, ensure it's stored away and out of reach of children and animals. With the 12-month shelf life from the date of manufacture, you can experience peace of mind knowing the vaccine will be available to use when you need it most.
Instructions: Coat the swab uniformly with a thin layer of the sample. Break the seal to release sample diluent. Squeeze the bulb 5 to 6 times to completely mix the sample. Add 3 drops of chase buffer provided to the sample well. Read results in 10 to 15 minutes.
For use with dogs.
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