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Abaxis Heartworm Test Kit




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  • Detects heartworm antigen, Dirofilaria immitis, in serum, plasma or whole blood
  • Accurate clinical results
  • For dogs and cats
  • Fast and easy-to-read results
Test Kits are non-returnable.

Abaxis Heartworm Test Kit easily detects the heartworm antigen in your pet's serum, plasma or whole blood. This rapid, at home heartworm test for dogs and cats is highly sensitive and provides fast and easy-to-read results in just 10 minutes. This at home heartworm test is specifically designed for the detection of Dirofilaria immitis.

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Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Sensitivity: 92%

Specificity: 100%

Storage: Store at room temperature between 59° to 80°F (15° to 27°C). 1-year storage life.
To use: Remove the test device from the protective pouch and place it on a flat surface. Label the device with subject I.D. or control identification. Gently mix the sample by inverting.

Using the pipette provided, dispense 1 drop of sample (whole blood, serum, or plasma) into the sample well. Wait for the sample to be absorbed (3 to 5 seconds). Holding the bottle vertically, promptly add 2 drops of the sample buffer to the sample well.

Read the results within 10 minutes. High positive results may appear as soon as 1 minute and low positive results may take up to 10 minutes to appear. Do not read results after 15 minutes. Colored lines which appear after 15 minutes are not diagnostic and should be ignored.
For use with dogs and cats.
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