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Eclampsia in Dogs: The Life-Saving Role of Calcium

I received a call from a customer on a Friday. She told me it was an emergency. She had a Chihuahua who had puppies about a week or two prior. The woman went on to tell me how the dog was now not able to get up at all as her back legs couldn’t support her and she was shaking badly. I knew the way it sounded it was probably eclampsia.

How to Help a Dog With Eclampsia

I saw in her order history that this customer had purchased Breeder’s Edge Oral Cal Plus. I told her to immediately give the dog five cc’s of this fast-absorbing oral calcium supplement. I then recommended she give the dog a bit more a few hours later and call me back to let me know how the new mom was doing. In the back of my mind, if she called me back and told me that didn’t work, I was going to suggest she take the dog to her veterinarian immediately.

When she called me back a few hours later she was so excited. Her mom was better. She thanked me several times for saving her dog. She then placed an order for six more 30 ml containers of Oral Cal Plus.

If you have questions on eclampsia in dogs and how calcium can help, give me a call at 800.786.4751.

Written by: Lori P.

Revival Pet Care Pro

Lori is a Pet Care Pro who has been with Revival Animal Health since 2006. She is the proud owner of two Labradors, Bear and Jo and she also has a toy Aussie named Rudy.

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