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Easy Feline Deworming

Bayer HealthCare presents Profender®, the world’s first broad-spectrum gastro-intestinal worm treatment for cats with simple stress-free spot-on application. Profender® gives effective control of every kind of intestinal worm normally occurring in cats without tablets or injection. A single dose effectively treats and controls infections caused by roundworms, removes larval and adult states of hookworms, and all tapeworms normally occurring in cats. Profender® is applied topically to a single spot on the back of the cat’s neck. It really is that simple.

Profender® not only keeps cats worm free, it also eliminates the stress of conventional worming treatment, for cats and owners alike. In fact, Profender® makes worming so simple; it can be done while the cat is asleep. Existing products on the market to treat roundworms and tapeworms are intended solely for oral administration, and as such, are notoriously difficult for pet owners to use. The new product makes deworming easy for the owner, the veterinarian and the cat.

After the initial treatment, Profender® for cats should not need to be applied again. A second treatment is not necessary unless the pet is re-exposed and contracts a new infection. In which case a second treatment can be re-applied after 30 days.

Do not apply Profender® to broken skin or if the hair coat is wet. The application site will appear wet for a few hours and then will appear to have a dusty residue for a day or two after application. Oral ingestion or exposure should be avoided. Cats must not be allowed to lick the back of their necks for one hour. The product is very bitter tasting.

In a field study, 837 purebred or crossbred cats from single and multi-cat households were enrolled to evaluate safety and effectiveness under field conditions of use. Cats ranged in age from two months to 17 years and weighed between 0.8 pounds and 21 pounds. Data gathered from these studies demonstrated Profender® Topical Solution to be safe and effective for the treatment and control of hookworm, roundworm and tapeworm.

Profender® for cats is approved for use in cats older than eight weeks. This product is labeled for cats only.

No more oral tablets. No more injections. With a pre-measured, simple, topical administration, you can feel confident your cats are getting the right dose. Stress free for cats. Stress free for you.

Reprinted from The Resource, Oct. 2007 issue, with permission of Professional Veterinary Products, Ltd.

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