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You want to give your queens all the support they need during breeding and birthing. At Revival Animal Health, we understand you want to invest in quality products, so we offer top-notch pregnant cat supplies. These supplies assist you in supporting your queens, kittens and breeding toms through every milestone and cycle.  

Revival Animal Health Cat Breeding Supplies

Revival Animal Health has provided cat breeders, shelters, veterinary practices and owners with quality supplies since 1989. Your animals' well-being and health are our top priority. 

We have deep knowledge and experience of breeding, and from this foundation, we offer the necessary supplies to support you and your cats, such as those in the Breeder's Edge line of products. Purchase anything from Breeder's Edge Clean Cut Umbilical Scissors to Breeder's Edge OB Lubricant and Breeder's Edge Clean Cut Iodine.

Cat Breeding Supplies

Revival Animal Health offers an extensive range of breeding products from top industry brands. The Breeder's Edge brand, in particular, is designed to support successful breeding, queening and primarily focuses on queens' and newborns' health and well-being. 

Popular Breeder's Edge supplies for pregnant and breeding cats include:

  • Breeder's Edge Oxy Mate Prenatal: This comprehensive prenatal supplement helps provide queens with iron, folic acid, zinc and herbs. The soft chews support healthy blood flow and a healthy pregnancy.
  • Breeder's Edge Oxy Momma: These premium postnatal supplements support healthy milk production in queens. The soft chews support reproductive hormones, preparing moms for their next gestation. 
  • Breeder's Edge B Strong: Vitamin B supplements for cats help support reproductive health for queens. It also supports healthy energy levels and appetites.
  • Breeder's Edge Problem Female: This supplement supports hormonal imbalance in female breeding cats. The formulation contains natural herbs, essential amino acids and root powders, assisting with a healthy reproductive cycle.  
  • Breeder's Edge NurseMaid Wipes: These useful hygienic wipes are a superb way to help keep your queen's nipples sanitary for nursing kittens.
  • Breeder's Edge Repeat Pad: The machine washable, high absorbency crate pad helps keep your queen and litter clean and dry. The leakproof and reusable design makes this pad a popular choice among breeders.   
  • Breeder's Edge Oxy Stud: This supplement supports breeding toms and healthy reproductive performance, vigor, stamina and sperm. 
  • Breeder's Edge Nurture Flora: This newborn kitten probiotic formula helps minimize the potential of loose stool and supports kitten immune systems. 

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Revival Animal Health is proud to be the go-to breeding supplier for many reputable breeders nationwide. Supporting your cats' health and well-being is our priority. We provide a wide range of cat-breeding supplies to help you. 

Our customer service team is available to you anytime. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are searching for something specific. 

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