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Who is Good Dog?

Maybe you’ve heard of Good Dog and maybe you haven’t… yet. But chances are, if you are a dog breeder, Good Dog is an organization that you may have questions about: What is it? What is their mission? How can this organization help me as a dog breeder? So we reached out to our friends at Good Dog to ask a few questions to help you learn a little more about this new organization.

The Good Dog Mission

The mission of Good Dog is to build a better world for dogs and the people who love them. “We are committed to educating the public, supporting dog breeders, and promoting canine health. We’re a secure, online community where people can connect directly with good breeders, shelters, and rescues who have passed our screening (including breed-specific health testing requirements) and comply with our Community Standards,” says Cat Matloub, Good Dog’s Head of Partnerships, Community & Legal Affairs.

When and Why Was Good Dog Founded 

Good Dog launched publicly in 2019 with the goal of making a better way for people to find dogs. Given their backgrounds in technology and their love of dogs, the co-founders of Good Dog, Josh Wais and Lauren McDevitt,  knew there had to be a better way. “Good Dog wants to provide a centralized place for good dog breeders, good shelters, good rescues, good potential dog owners, and good dogs,” says Josh Wais, CEO of Good Dog.

How Does Good Dog Benefit Breeders?

Good Dog is a secure platform that uses technology as a force for good, to educate the public, promote and defend responsible breeders, raise awareness about responsible practices, and help people connect directly with vetted breeders and ethical shelters and rescues. “I cannot say enough good things about Good Dog. As a breeder myself, I find they are responsive and attentive to my needs. I have never been vetted so much, but that made me feel good that they really do have everyone’s best interests at heart. And best of all, their system of vetting works, for both breeders and families. Through Good Dog, I have met many great families looking for a new pet. The families have already been vetted so I know my dogs are going to a good home,” says Sonia Lopez, breeder and Good Dog member. Good Dog is committed to supporting and recognizing dog breeders. Breeders who join Good Dog receive access to the Good Breeder Legal Resource Center, 24/7 tech support, discounts on health testing, breeder software, a full-page Good Dog profile, certified Good Breeder badge, and access to Good Dog’s secure guaranteed payment solution created specifically for breeders. Good Dog also provides free breeder education resources in their Good Breeder Center, hosts a podcast with Laura Reeves called The Good Dog Pod, and offers free education courses (including for puppy buyers) through Good Dog University powered by Dr. Gayle Watkins’ Avidog. “We are completely free for breeders who meet our standards. In fact, you can’t pay to be a part of our community. We know how much dog breeders invest in their programs and dogs. We want to support you in your efforts and recognize you for all the good that you do because you – and our dogs – deserve it,” Cat Matloub adds.

How to Partner With Good Dog

To learn more about Good Dog and all the services they provide, visit As an added bonus, members of the Revival Animal Health community will receive special priority status and your application will be sent to the front of the waitlist when you apply to join Good Dog’s community of Good Breeders.

If you need help, call us at 800.786.4751.