Revival News

The Right Kind of Change

If there’s one thing we all learned in 2020 it’s that things change. Sometimes those changes create challenges, and sometimes they propel us forward. In the past year, we’ve seen both types of change and I’m happy to say the one I’m announcing today is the latter. Recently, we entered into an agreement with Incline Equity Partners to fuel the future growth of Revival Animal Health. Their investment in our team will enable us to build on the incredible growth we saw in 2020 by creating more ways to help you keep your pets healthy. What does this change mean for you as a customer? First and foremost, we plan to get our call center and warehouse fully staffed again. This has been a challenge since Covid began and we’ve been so blessed to have your patience during this time. Our hope is this increased staffing will return our call center hours to their pre-pandemic schedule and get your packages out the door even faster. Other than that, we aren’t anticipating much change. Our team is staying in place, the business will stay in Northwest Iowa, and – most importantly – our mission of Healthy Pets, Delighted Customers remains unchanged. We will continue to live that purpose in every way we can. Always. Lastly, I’d ask that you all join me in thanking our retiring president, Roy Nielsen III, for growing the business that began in his dad’s basement 31 years ago into the respected, nationwide pet health company it’s become. We are all so proud of what we’ve built here at Revival and I know this next chapter is going to be our best yet. Jim Rossiter, President & CEO

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