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Summer Pet Tips

It may be hot outside, but we have some cool summer pet tips to help keep your pet safe this season! Summer poses many extra challenges for pets, from the heat to warm weather pests like mosquitoes. To help we’ve compiled tips from our Learning Center to help make your summer a breeze.

Tip 1: Plan Ahead for Summer Travel

Before you start planning out where you want to go, it’s important that you make sure all your pets tags are up to date. It would also be beneficial to microchip your dog if they aren’t already. We all know how our dogs can get when they’re excited. They get loose and off they run. Many times, the owner is unable to catch up with their pet and that’s when identification comes into play. Both tags and microchips will help in reuniting you with your pet. On your pet’s tag, you should have their name on the front and your contact info on the back. As for the microchip, keep your info up to date on the website associated with the chip. Keeping your info current makes reuniting you and your pet easier. For more traveling help, check out Traveling with Pets in the Learning Center.

Tip 2: Fleas, Ticks and Mosquitoes, Oh My!

They’re back in full force and hungrier than ever! The pests that rule the summer. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and flies are annoying. Worst of all they can carry many different diseases. The next thing you should prepare for is protecting your pets from these summer fiends. There are many different ways to protect your pet. Finding the right product can be hard and at times overwhelming. Shampoos, sprays and dips will help kill the fleas and ticks that are already on your pet. Spot-on treatments and collars will give your pet further protection to prevent the pests from coming back. For more tips like this, check out Protecting Pets in the Learning Center.

Tip 3: Beat the Heat

Summer brings a lot of beautiful things, but worst of all it brings the heat. In some places, temperatures can reach the triple digits. A good rule of thumb is, if it’s too hot for you to be out, then it’s definitely too hot for your pets. Unlike humans, dogs do not sweat. They get rid of the heat through their mouth and lips by “sweating through their mouth” when they pant. They also release heat through their pads, so taking them to the county fair or outside market when temperatures are on the rise is asking for issues. If you must take your dog out, then walk them in the grass where it is cooler. Shaded areas will also help keep the core temp of your dog down. Want more help with keeping your pet cool? Check out Keeping Your Dog Cool in the Learning Center.

Tip 4: Environmental Allergies

From the pollen in the air to the grass beneath their feet like us, our pets can experience environmental allergies. Environmental allergies occur because of irritating substances in an animal’s environment. Common allergens include dust and grass, but the most common one is pollen! Thankfully, there are many ways to combat allergies. One of the ways you can help your pet is by wiping them down every time they come inside. This will help remove pollen from their skin. Bathing can also help keep your pet comfortable by removing environmental allergens. Using a shampoo helps relieve itching and remove scales, bacteria and parasites. Need more allergy help? Check out Environmental Allergies in the Learning Center

Tip 5: Calm Your Pet Before You Leave

For those of you that won’t be traveling with your pets this summer, we made a tip for you! Like people, pets can become anxious and stressed. Sometimes this stress can show up in the form of separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a behavioral disorder displayed when an owner or other attachment figure leaves the pet. There are many ways to help calm your pet when you plan on leaving. For example, there are some toys coated in a calming pheromone. There are also medications you can get for your pet to help calm them. For more ways to help anxiety, check out Separation Anxiety on the Learning Center.

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