Paw Squad Life

Sit, Stay, Play

Since implementing social distancing here at the Revival office, we’ve all agreed these are not easy times. Being away from our coworkers, friends, and family and dealing with the disruption to routine is hard. But, as the Revival Paw Squad often does, we’re working hard to see the pawsitive side of things. And you know what’s making this easier for us? Our pets. A lot of us are working from home right now and it’s very common to have four-legged staff members in attendance on video calls. And those of us who are still coming into the office have more time at home to play with, cuddle, and connect with our pets. It’s been a great reminder of how powerful it is to love a pet and how they are there for us, unconditionally, even in the most challenging times. I imagine a lot of you are feeling this way, too. We’d like to invite you to join us in celebrating our wonderful pets by showing the world how you’re connecting with them during these uncertain times. Whether it’s extra walks, more treats, or “hiring” them as your office assistant like so many of our staff have done. We’re all sitting still, we’re all staying home, and – as lovers of pets – that means we have more time to play. It’s the greatest gift we can give our pets and, ultimately, ourselves. Here are some ways members of the Paw Squad have been connecting with their pets during social distancing. We’d love to hear your stories and see your pics, too. Please tag us on social media when you use the hashtag to show us how you #SitStayPlay. Let’s light up the world with positive images of happy, healthy pets! Other #SitStayPlay Posts: Thing to Do While You #SitStayPlay

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