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Nikki’s Puppy Diarrhea Struggle Solved

“I thought Oh no, here we go again! More newborn puppies with diarrhea.” Nikki has been a Rottweiler breeder for more than 20 years and knows all too well the struggle of newborn puppies with diarrhea. “In one of my recent litters the mom was having trouble with her milk coming in. I started her on Breeder’s Edge Oxy Momma to help with her milk, but in the meantime, I had to bottle feed the litter,” Nikki says.

Newborn Puppies with Diarrhea

But when the puppies were only five days old, Nikki began noticing diarrhea and bloody stools. She immediately took a stool sample to the vet where he checked for parasites. “That was negative, but I knew something was going on, and I needed to figure out what,” she says. The puppies stopped nursing and the smelly, bloody diarrhea wouldn’t stop. “I slept with them at night and started the puppies on IV’s, antibiotics, Kaolin Pectin and Doc Roy’s GI Synbiotics. I had heard other breeders talk about using probiotics to help with puppy loose stools, so I thought I would give GI Synbiotics a try,” she says. Nikki also started talking with one of her breeder friends about what was happening. “She told me she had just dealt with a terrible case of parvo with her puppies and lost them all. I thought, maybe that is what I’m dealing with, too,” she recalls.

Testing for Parvo

So Nikki went back to her vet and requested a parvo test. “Sure enough, it was positive.” Sadly, Nikki did end up losing four of the puppies to parvo, but thanks to her determination and quick treatments she was able to save most of the litter. “They are doing well now and thriving,” she says. Nikki credits the antibiotics and the GI Synbiotics with saving most of her litter. “I really like the fact that GI Synbiotics is both a prebiotic and a probiotic. Many products have just the probiotic, but that prebiotic is just as important,” she adds. “At Revival, we often hear about people struggling with diarrhea in their puppies. I always encourage them to try Doc Roy’s GI Synbiotics because it is both a prebiotic and a probiotic,” says Deedee a Revival Pet Care Pro. “That means it supports the growth of good bacteria and helps remove bad bacteria from the GI tract. When the good bacteria pushes out the bad bacteria, you get an end to diarrhea. The best part, it is safe to use in dogs and cats of all ages.” A couple months later Nikki welcomed another litter. This time she started them on GI Synbiotics right away and called Revival to order a package of at-home parvo tests to be ready at the first sign of something wrong.

Share Your Pet Care Victory

You strive to raise healthy and happy pets. You love the feeling of holding that newborn puppy and seeing the joy a new pet brings to a child’s face. At Revival we want to celebrate these wins because we understand that keeping pets healthy comes with challenges. In our series, Pet Care Victories, we are highlighting YOU and your pet care wins! We know that even the best of us sometimes struggle with the health of our animals. And while at that time it can feel frustrating and devastating, it’s important to remember you are not alone. When we share our knowledge and passion with each other, we can all be on the winning team. Want help solving tough pet health problems? Call one of our Pet Care Pros at 800.786.4751.
Shelley Hexom

Written by: Shelley Hexom

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Shelley Hexom is Revival's Content Manager and helps develop educational pet health resources. A three-time Emmy® Award-winning news anchor, Shelley works with Revival's Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Marty Greer, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, to help create useful and easy-to-understand articles, videos, and webinars. Shelley received her bachelor's degree in Mass Communications from Winona State University in 2002. As a pet owner, Shelley enjoys time with her Boxer mix, Sally. Shelley has been part of the Revival Paw Squad since 2016.

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