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New: Managing Parasites Webinar

By Maria Schubert

June 15, 2022

Intestinal parasites have been around since dinosaurs and are not going way, so you need to manage them. Like many parasites, they want to use your puppy or kitten as a dinner plate. They’ll cause issues such as, causing rough hair coats and anemia. Managing parasites is about using the correct dewormer at the right time to get the biggest effect. In Dr. B’s latest webinar, he’ll talk about his best practices on managing parasites in your pets.

Set a Schedule

To prevent parasites from calling your puppy or kitten home, it’s important to get them started on a proper deworming schedule. There are a few different recommend schedules, such as a schedule for adults or new animals. One of the most important stages to deworm is as a puppy or kitten. Worms in puppies and kitten are common. This growth phase of their life is when they are most susceptible! Sticking to a worming schedule protects them from worms and keeps them healthy.

Watch the Parasites Webinar

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