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Healthy Puppy Month: Help Fund Parvo Research

This April, Revival Animal Health and Good Dog are teaming up to celebrate Healthy Puppy Month. All month long, puppy owners and caretakers can sign the Healthy Puppy Pledge. For every signature, Revival and Good Dog will each donate $1 to Morris Animal Foundation, up to $20,000 combined, to help fund parvovirus research. “Puppies make us laugh, they keep us company, they motivate us to take a walk and they help us cope with stress. For everything they do for us, we have a responsibility as their caretakers to give them the healthy life they deserve,” says Jim Rossiter, CEO of Revival Animal Health. Revival is proud to team up with Good Dog, a secure, online community that helps prospective puppy buyers connect directly with vetted breeders, shelters and rescues. “We founded Good Dog because we believe all dogs deserve happy and healthy lives. We’ve made it our mission to spread education about canine health and responsible dog ownership that’s backed by science and evidence-based research. We’re so honored to be a part of Healthy Puppy Month and support research about parvovirus, which is critical to ensuring the health of our puppies and dogs,” says Josh Wais, Good Dog Co-Founder and CEO.

What Is Parvovirus?

Parvovirus is one of the most feared and fatal diseases for puppies. “Although vaccination has saved countless lives, canine parvovirus remains a major cause of disease and death in young dogs,” said Dr. Kelly Diehl, Senior Director of Science and Communications at Morris Animal Foundation. “Our newly funded study is taking an innovative approach to look closely at a dog’s immune response and use the findings to improve vaccine effectiveness as well as develop new treatments for this terrible disease.”
We All Love Healthy Puppies
Shelley Hexom

Written by: Shelley Hexom

Content Manager

Shelley Hexom is Revival's Content Manager and helps develop educational pet health resources. A three-time Emmy® Award-winning news anchor, Shelley works with Revival's Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Marty Greer, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, to help create useful and easy-to-understand articles, videos, and webinars. Shelley received her bachelor's degree in Mass Communications from Winona State University in 2002. As a pet owner, Shelley enjoys time with her Boxer mix, Sally. Shelley has been part of the Revival Paw Squad since 2016.

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