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Farewell Dr. B

Revival’s Director for Veterinary Services, Dr. Bramlage (aka Dr. B), is retiring next week after eight years at Revival and more than three decades of helping pets be healthier. We wanted to take a few moments to celebrate Dr. B and invite you to leave your well-wishes for him in the comments. In his time at Revival, Dr. B has helped customers from all over the world with their pet health challenges. Beyond just helping customers himself, Dr. B has been instrumental in helping our Pet Care Pro team expand its knowledge and ability to advise our customers on pet care practices and products. “When Dr. B joined the Revival family, we couldn’t have been happier. He has trained our Pet Care Pros on so many things over the years, from parvo to bowed legs in puppies. His passion for preventing versus treating has been passed on to our team and he has played a large part in increasing the knowledge of our Pet Care Pros,” says Deb, Pet Care Supervisor at Revival. Dr. B’s passion for education led to the development of the hundreds of articles, webinars, videos, and downloadable guides that now make up our Learning Center. “Most of our Learning Center materials were authored by Dr. B based on things he talked to customers about. He truly believes knowledge is the path to healthier pets. That belief is really his legacy to the entire Revival team because it’s become such a part of what we do here,” says Angie Jones, our Communications Manager. Those of you who had the privilege of meeting Dr. B in person will share our love of his positive attitude, sense of humor, and witty sayings. Those sayings have become known around our office as “Dr. B’isms” and we’d like to share a few with you we think sum up what he’s meant to us. “Learn two things a day and in one year, you’re an expert.” His classic call to our Pet Care Pros to never stop learning. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” On managing and preventing problems versus just treating them. “Water is good but too much and you drown.” His advice for using products and supplements purposefully and judiciously. “You just can’t get sad looking at eight healthy puppies.” Our absolute favorite and the one we repeat around the office the most. Please join the Revival Paw Squad in wishing Dr. B the very best in retirement by sharing your well-wishes, thanks and memories in the comments below. Happy retirement, Dr. B! Postscript: Dr. Marty Greer will be assuming the role of Director of Veterinary Services following Dr. B’s retirement on March 1st. Learn more about Dr. Greer in the official announcement.

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