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Extender INRA Freeze Kit




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  • Equine semen extender kit
  • Ready-to-use
  • Preservation medium for freezing equine semen
  • Contains INRA 96 extender, MAXIFreeze and INRAFreeze
  • For horse breeding
Extender INRA Freeze Kit is a ready-to-use equine semen extender and equine frozen semen media. This equine semen freezing extender kit contains a complete line of products for freezing equine semen for successful horse breeding.

When freezing stallion semen, this kit contains equine semen extender (INRA 96 extender), equine semen centrifugation media (MAXIFreeze) and equine freezing semen extender (INRAFreeze).

INRA 96® is a horse semen extender formulated for the preservation and transport of fresh equine semen for up to 48 hours. Maxifreeze™ is an anti-shock cushion enabling the protection of spermatozoa during centrifugation. INRA Freeze® is a freezing extender containing glycerol and egg yolk plasma as well as the antibiotics gentamicin sulfate, penicillin with sodium and amphotericin.
Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Kit Includes: Two 200 mL bottles of INRA 96® extender, one 20 mL bottle of Maxifreeze™ and two 120 mL bottles of INRA Freeze®.
Ingredients: The antibiotics in the INRAFreeze extender are gentamicin sulfate, penicillin with sodium and amphotericin.
For horses.
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