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The Benefits of Pet Nutri-Drops

During times of disease or high stress, your pet’s energy needs increase up to 50%, meaning nutrition deficiencies can occur very quickly. Replacement nutrition is needed in order to avoid further complications and support your pet’s defense system.

Pet Nutri-Drops is a superior balance of glucose, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This combination of nutrients can help support life and the animal’s immune system. Unlike most supplements, it goes directly into the bloodstream to quickly restore lost nutrients. It’s measurable in the body within 10 minutes, with 50% uptake after 30 minutes. Because it doesn’t need to be digested, it also limits the effects of diarrhea and other digestive upsets. With its quality combination of nutrients and fast action throughout the body, Pet Nutri-Drops is effective for a variety of situations.


In the first days of life, it’s important that newborn puppies have the strength to nurse and receive the nutrients they need. However, a variety of situations can prevent this from happening. Pet Nutri-Drops supports puppies during times of inadequate nutrition, building up their appetite and giving them the strength to nurse aggressively. Because it goes directly into the bloodstream, it won’t interact with colostrum or other digestive actions.


A constant danger in the first weeks of life, hypoglycemia can affect the puppy’s growth, development and overall health. Pet Nutri-Drops increases the animal’s blood sugar level in minutes, maintaining health without interfering with colostrum or causing diarrhea. This promotes the growth and development of hypoglycemic puppies so they can grow along with the rest of their littermates.


When puppies have diarrhea, they lose many essential nutrients through urine and feces. Pet Nutri-Drops bypasses the digestive system and goes straight into the bloodstream. This ensures pets receive the nutrients they need to recover quickly, instead of losing them in the digestive process.


Low blood sugar also affects whelping, causing moms to lose energy and become exhausted quickly. Pet Nutri-Drops elevates the blood glucose level, restoring the strength of the uterine muscles and providing mothers with the energy to have strong contractions and deliver puppies safely.


Because the strength of the immune system depends on the nutrients the animal receives, antibiotics can only be as effective as the energy level of the animal. In pets with diseases, the immune system does not have the energy or nutrients needed to effectively fight off disease. Pet Nutri-Drops quickly elevates the levels of glucose and other essential nutrients, promoting maximum antibiotic response. It also stimulates the pet’s appetite so they can receive the needed nutrients through food and heal quickly.


The stress of competition, travel and physical exertion can take a toll on any show or performance animal. These pets need extra nutrients in order to stay focused and alert and to keep a normal balance in the immune system. Pet Nutri-Drops gives your pet a fast source of energy on show day, easing the stress of transportation and competition. It also maintains their appetite and nutrient levels to keep their body in balance.


Arthritis affects many dogs as they grow older, causing pain and inflammation in their joints. Pet Nutri-Drops helps relieve the stiffness in arthritic joints, giving your dog extra energy in his movements. It also improves circulation and maintains a healthy heart, plus the added choline helps with nerve transmission.

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-The Revival Education Team

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