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  • Re-Sorb® helps prevent dehydration in calves with scours (diarrhea)
  • Oral electrolyte treatment is readily accepted and absorbed
  • Use as first defense to help reduce severity of condition
  • Use as a follow up to intravenous
  • Ideal to use with stressed or newly purchased calves
Re-Sorb® is an oral electrolyte therapy approved for the control of dehydration associated with diarrhea (scours) in calves, including veal calves. It is isotonic and has approximately the same concentration of electrolytes as body fluid which allows for rapid and efficient absorption. Re-Sorb®'s palatable formula is readily accepted and helps to reduce the severity of the calves' condition. Easy to use with stressed or newly purchased calves. It can also be used as a follow-up to intravenous feeding.
For use in calves only.
Not for human use.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Re-Sorb® should not be used in animals with severe dehydration (down, comatose, or in a state of shock). Such animals need intravenous fluids since oral therapy in these cases is too slow. A veterinarian should be consulted in such severely scouring calves or in cases requiring antibacterial therapy.
Antibacterial therapy is often indicated in bacterial scours due to E. coli and/or Salmonella. Re-Sorb® does not contain antibacterial agents.
Adequate colostrum intake during the first 12 hours is essential for healthy, vigorous calves.
Re-Sorb® is not nutritionally complete if administered by itself for long periods of time. It should not be administered beyond the recommended treatment period without the addition of milk or milk replacer.

Store at controlled room temperature 15°-30°C (59°-86°F).
Ingredients: Sodium Chloride (8.82gm), Potassium Phosphate (4.2gm), Citric Acid, Anhydrous (0.5gm), Potassium Citrate (0.12gm), Aminoacetic Acid (glycine)(6.36gm), Glucose (44gm)
Mixing Directions: Add the contents of one double sided packet to 2 quarts of warm water. Stir until dissolved.
Directions for Use:
Scouring Calves: Feed 2 quarts of Re-Sorb® solution made up as directed, twice daily for 2 days (4 feedings). No milk or milk replacer should be fed during this period. For the next 4 feedings (days 3 and 4), use 1 quart of Re-Sorb® solution mixed together with 1 quart of milk or milk replacer. Thereafter, feed as normal.
Newly Purchased Calves: Feed 2 quarts of Re-Sorb® solution made up as directed instead of milk as the first feed upon arrival. For the next scheduled feeding, use 1 quart of Re-Sorb® solution mixed together with 1 quart of milk or milk replacer. Thereafter, feed as normal.

Product Reviews
RE-SORB Oral Hydration Electrolyte Product for Scouring Calves
By: Kaylee Piccolo
Here at Family Circle Farms & Farm Animals Rescue we use only RE-Sorb on all our new Calves that are given to use to save. Using this product as the directions tell us, we have about a 80% recovery rate from Scours. Early treatment is always the best outcome. We live in the State of Maine and winter comes every year, along with the Scours. On a good winter I will have worked on about 50 young and new born Calves. Some day I'm hoping to have a 100% winter , before I retire. Thank You for taking the time out of your day or night to read this, and please believe me this is no bull. Mike Daniels in Norridgewock, Maine 04957
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