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OXINE - 15103-208
OXINE - 15103-208
OXINE - 15103-208
OXINE - 15103-208
OXINE - 15103-208

  • Proven Effective! EPA Registered
  • Oxine... as a feedwater disinfectant!
  • Oxine.... for premise disinfection!
Oxine AH has been tested and proven effective against a variety of bacteria, fungi and viruses, including E.coli, salmonella, parvovirus and more. Utilizes chlorine dioxide chemistry to eliminate odors and kill the bacteria that causes them. May be used everywhere in animal care facilities and confinements. Also can be used for fogging or spraying. With an ultra high activity level, it should be used in low concentrations.
Citric Acid, an activator, must be added before dilution.
Oxine AH active Ingredient: Chlorine Dioxide 2%.
Citric Acid, granular - 99% purity.

Product Reviews
Love this stuff!!!
By: shelleyfitz7
We use Oxine here on a regular basis to clean coops and most recently to fog the hen houses. We've used it to cure mild respiratory issues as well as minor cuts or scrapes. There are endless uses for this stuff. If you have chickens this product is a must!!!

By: Lisa
From: San Marcos
So I never write reviews, but this product worked so incredibly that I am. We had tried antibiotics for our chicken that kept twitching its neck and gaping occasionally. We tried extensive coop cleaning and everything you could think of. My son found this product online and after sitting weeks in our garage we decided to finally give it a try last night and this morning. For the first time in 3 months, our chicken seems completely well!!! Thanks so much for an awesome fix!
Superb Product !
By: Steve
From: Port Huron, Michigan
Kills all microbes (even spores) in seconds in only parts per million yet is much safer than ammonia or chlorine. Much more useful than ozone as Oxine also works on thick films and is safe for most materials. Cost effective, safe and powerful- I predict that Oxine will be the new wonder cleanser/ disinfectant in a couple of years.

Perfect for Chronic Thrush - inexpensive alternative to White Lightning
By: l8rgator
From: Dousman, WI
Our horses had chronic thrush for around 6 months. We finally gave up on the topical treatments (Tomorrow & Thrushbuster) and decided to try soaks instead. While we waited for this to arrive (after reading rave reviews of it and white lightning on forums) we did our first soak with Lysol. Less than a week later we followed up with this soak. We used IV bags and tied them around with vet wrap and duct tape for about 30 min-1hr. We looked at their feet and thought they had stepped in glue or something. There was semi-translucent material wherever the thrush was before. It was new hoof! It looked bizarre, and we couldn't believe it started to grow out in less than a week, but that's what it was. It was amazing how fast everything started to heal - especially considering we still kept them in a muddy paddock the whole time. We've been following up with no-thrush and athletes foot spray just to be safe.

The downside to this is that you have to mix some and use it the same day. So you can't keep it in a spray bottle and spritz for thrush prevention. But for soaks, I highly recommend. This has the same ingredients as white lightning, but you get so much more for lower cost. I used both the syringe version and the small bottle version of white lightning before, but it went so fast that it really wasn't a good solution. This big gallon is awesome, and you only have to use a little each time.
Excellent for Flock Owners
By: Stephanie
From: TX
I do NOT activate this product. A few drops per gallon of drinking water for my chickens keeps the water very clean and slime-free. I also dilute it with water (5% Oxine) in a spray bottle and disinfect everything with it from wood roosts to my dog's feed bowls to bathrooms. Be sure to keep all your Oxine products (including your spray bottle) in a dark place as sunlight will cause it to break down rather quickly. Oxine is a wonderful and safe product that helps keep things clean which makes for healthier, happier chickens!
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