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Lime Sulfur Dip
Lime Sulfur Dip
Lime Sulfur Dip - 65650-275

Lime Sulfur Dip

  • Effective against ringworm, mange, lice and more
  • Antimicrobial and antiparasitic
  • Easy-to-use, sponge on or dip
  • Safe for use on dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and horses
If your pet is itching like crazy and you don't see any fleas on them, they may have mange, ringworm or non-specific dermatoses. Lime SULFUR DIP is a sulfurated lime solution which not only kills mites and other parasites it also works against fungi and bacteria. It smells like rotten eggs but it is easy to use, very effective and affordable. It is an ideal mange control solution for breeds such as collies that cannot be given ivermectin. Safe for use on dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and horses.
Sulfurated Lime Solution 97.8%
Shampoo pet prior to using dip. Mix 4 oz per gallon of water. Pour the dip over animal making sure it gets all the affected areas. Use a sponge on the animal's face to keep it out of their eyes, nose and mouth. Do not rinse or towel dry; let the animal air dry. Reapply the dip once a week as often as needed.

Read label for complete directions. Shake well, wear gloves and use in well ventilated area. This product will stain light colored dogs, cats and horses, porous surfaces (ie cement, counter tops) and jewelry.

Product Reviews
By: Rosie,Ruby,Rollie
From: Long Island, NY
I have three dogs and two of them are Australia shepherds and can't be treated with meds for mange. Well the dogs got mange . It cleared up the mange. I continued giving them a bath every two weeks. While every one I know had a problem with fleas and ticks we didn't. I highly recommend this.
By: JM
Absolutely love this product, the almost immediate effect of this product really shines above the short lasting odor from it. Got a puppy 2 years ago, he had hair missing from his face, neck, shoulders. I initially thought it was a food allergy, but after switching his food and no results plus constant scratching I had a skin scrape done and he was posi for demodex. We did ivermectin for a short period of time before I found the dip, but the cost of that with a growing puppy was just obnoxious... constant vet trips no results as he practically outgrew his dosage in a matter of two days. I nixed the vet and went with this and it was fantastic. He looked better in the first week, stopped scratching himself apart. I intend to keep this product on hand just in the event I need it for him or anyone else again.

Excellent Product
By: Satisfied Customer
This is STINKY like eggs but so worth it!! our little kitties came with ring worm and after 1 dip they were so

much better. I would not only use this product if the need arose but would highly recommend.

Great Value
By: Susan W
From: Atlanta GA
Much better value than trying to buy this from a Vet. As much as you need to use over time, I'm very glad I found this product. I received it very fast so there was no waiting, in less than a week from ordering.

Worked great
By: Matt
From: NC
The vet wanted to embark on a very expensive 6 month drug routine to get rid of mange that just kept getting worse on a small dog, this stuff did the trick in a month with weekly baths. I mixed it with shampoo, rubbed it in, left it on for 15 min and the itching was better immediately, hair started growing back in weeks, skin improved within days. You have to do repeated uses for a while since the mites get so deep in the skin and try to gently scrub the skin with a cloth to remove the black areas once it starts to heal. I give her a treatment every few months just to keep it clear now, she's been good for two years. Smells terrible but works! Use rubber gloves or your hands will smell like sulphur for days.

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