Cheyletiellosis (Walking Dandruff)

Cheyletiellosis is a skin disease that is caused by Cheyletiella mites, which live on hair and fur, visiting the skin only to feed. All stages (larvae, nymphs, and adults) are parasitic. A highly contagious parasitic skin disease of dogs, cats, and rabbits. In a multiple-pet household, more than one animal is usually affected.

The most common symptom is excessive scaling (i.e, dandruff, scurf), which gives the hair coat a powdery or mealy appearance, especially over the dorsal midline of the back. Pruritius may be mild to severe. Papular, crusting eruptions (cats) or scabies-like lesions (dogs) are present. Other adult pets (dogs, cats, rabbits) in the household may be asymptomatic carriers.

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