How can I make my clipper blades last longer?

The best place to start is when ever possible clip clean dogs. Regularly maintained dogs are great candidates for bath first, then clipping. When you have a dog that is dirty and matted you want to keep a second set of blades set aside to be used on them only. Cleaning blades really well after each dirty matted dog is important. Start by dipping and running them in Oster Blade Wash then place a drop of oil on each end of both rails. (Rails-the two raised areas on the Comb-stationary part of blade) Then let them sit on paper towels until the next really dirty matted dog comes in. When cleaning your blades after clipping regularly maintained dogs, I like to spray Oster Clean and Care with the clipper turned so blade is up and down. Let hair and spray cleaner drip out. Then place the oil drop on the rails same as explained above. You have to remember Oster’s Kool Lube’s main function is to cool clippers. You will always want to follow with a little oil on the rails following each dog clipped. These simple habits will extend the life of your blades.

Let them last,
Chris Pawlosky

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