Housebreaking Puppies

The more patient and consistent you are in teaching your housetraining rules, the more quickly he will learn. Dogs are instinctively clean animals and will learn due to praise and good timing on your part.

  • Establish a routine. Feed your puppy at regularly scheduled times, preferably 3 times a day. Most puppies will want to relieve themselves right after eating. Do not allow access to food all day long.
  • Indoor training can be accomplished using housebreaking pads. Don’t expect your new puppy to understand that this is the place to go potty. When he goes into his “potty dance” set him on the pad and praise him if he goes.
  • For outdoor training, go outside with your puppy so you can praise him for going potty.
  • Choose 1 or 2 “toilet areas” your puppy/dog can associate with going potty. Direct him to these areas. When puppy “goes”, praise his success.
  • Keep an eye on your pup while she’s inside the house. If you catch her in the act, shout or toss something near her to startle her. Then immediately take her out and if she finishes outside make sure she knows she’s a good puppy.
  • When you are unable to watch your puppy, confine her in a crate. This helps build bladder and bowel control – although you still need to let her out every couple of hours.

Expect a few accidents. Like children, puppies need some time to learn. They cannot be expected to control their bladder for more than a couple of hours. Please do not punish them for accidents – instead praise them for going outside or on a housebreaking pad. Everyone loves praise – including your puppy or dog!

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