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Senior Pet Care

Senior pets need special care as they approach the last years of their life. They'll encounter a variety of health problems, they might need special nutritional diets and more. The better prepared you are for these changes, the easier it is for both you and your pets to adjust. Check out these educational articles to help you prepare for your pet's new quirks and needs.

Senior Pet Nutrition

All pets age – it’s a fact of life. As your pets approach the last years of their life, there will be some changes in their habits, their health and their nutritional needs.

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Arthritis & Joint Care

One of the most common and most debilitating diseases your pets can face is osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease. This will affect every area of their lives, from mobility and flexibility to eating habits and sleeping comfort.

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My Pet is Getting Old...What Should I Expect?

Just like humans, there are a variety of bodily changes your pets will encounter as they get old.

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Ingredients in Joint Care Supplements

Glucosamine? Chondroitin? What are all these ingredients and why are they important?

Common Age-Related Diseases In Pets

As your pets age, they’ll be affected by a variety of different diseases and health problems. Here are some of the more common problems they may face as they grow older.

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Hip Dysplasia

Many times when people consider their dog’s joint problems, hip dysplasia usually comes up in conversation eventually. Though it also causes problems with joints and arthritis, hip dysplasia is usually a genetic problem, not simply a side effect of getting old.


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