CocciGuard 10x, Preventative Only

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    • Cocci Guard 10x aids in the prevention of coccidiosis
    • For use in ruminating calves and cattle
    • Contains 0.5% Decoquinate
    Use Cocci Guard 10x as a preventative for coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and Eimeria zuernii in ruminating calves and cattle. Contains 0.5% Decoquinate.
    Active ingredient: Decoquinate 0.5% (2271 mg/lb)
    Inactive ingredients: Roughage Products, Calcium Carbonate, Mineral Oil
    Each point of supplement contains 2271 mg of Decoquinate. Before feeding, mix with grain at the rate of one part of supplement and nine parts of grain as in the following table.

    lbs of supplement lbs of grain lbs of mixture Decoquinate
    10 90 100 227
    50 450 500 227
    100 900 500 227
    200 1800 2000 227

    The resulting mixture should then be top dressed or mixed into the daily ration at the rate 1/10/100 lbs of body weight to provide 22.7 mg of Decoquinate per 100 lbs body weight (0.5 mg/kg-daily) as in the table below.

    Animal weight (lbs) lbs mixture per head per day Total lbs daily for 100 head
    200 0.2 20
    400 0.4 40
    600 0.6 60
    800 0.8 80
    1000 1.0 100

    Feed at least 28 days during periods of coccidiosis or when it is likely to be a hazard.

    Do not feed to breeding animals or cows producing milk or food.

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