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MonoJect Syringes without Needles Monoject Syringes without needles, Regular Luer (RL), Luer Lock (LL), medical supplies for veterinarians, vaccine, oral feeding
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    Monoject™ Syringes w/o Needles are larger or specialty syringes. Needles are not included. Choose from Regular Luer (RL) or Luer Lock (LL) syringes. Regular Luer (RL) means the needle pulls off. The syringe has a tapered tip so it can also be used as an oral feeder. Luer Lock (LL) means the needle twists on and off for a more secure fit. However, the syringe cannot be used for oral feeding.

    High quality syringes breeders count on.
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      Monoject™ Syringes with Needles are available in Regular Luer (RL) and Luer Lock (LL). Includes a sterile, stainless steel needle. Regular Luer (RL) means the needle pulls off. The syringe has a tapered tip so it can also be used as an oral feeder. Luer Lock (LL) means the needle twists on and off for a more secure fit. However, the syringe cannot be used for oral feeding. Save when you buy a box.

      Gauze Sponges
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        These quality wound care Gauze Sponges are made of 100% cotton which is highly absorbent and maximizes vertical wicking ability. Easy-to-handle, 12-ply sponge ensures low contamination for faster healing. Can be used in a variety of applications including wound dressing, general cleaning, minor prepping, wound packing and debriding. Measure 3"x 3" square. Non-sterile.

        Luer Tip Caps
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          Prevent leakage or contamination with sterile, single use Luer Tip Caps. Fits regular luer (RL) or luer lock (LL) syringe tips and covers the entire luer skirt of the syringe. Uses a polyolefin plastic formulation. Autoclavable.

          Monoject Blood Collection Tubes Monoject Blood Collection Tubes
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          Item #: 22902-V -

            Red stopper collection tubes used for centrifuge procedures requiring serum. Lavender stopper collection tubes contain an anticoagulant, EDTA (K3). All tubes are 3 mL.

            Feeding Tubes
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            Item #: 25220-V -

              Use these flexible Feeding Tubes when your kittens and puppies aren't eating correctly or getting nutrition they need. Flared tip fits on a regular luer syringe, and the rounded tips prevent injury to the animal. Measures 16" long.

              Kendal Sharps Containers
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              Item #: 30922-V -

                Puncture resistant Sharps Containers allow you to safely dispose of needles, syringes and other potentially infectious sharp medical instruments. The contaminated sharps are dropped into the container using the needle removing notches without touching the outside of the container. The bucket is a translucent red color with polished viewing windows on four sides and indicator "full" line. The clear lid has an extra wide butterfly closure. The single use sharps container can be autoclaved or...

                Needles-Plastic Hub
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                  Sterile, stainless steel needles have a polypropylene hub that fits both Regular Luer (RL) and Luer Lock (LL) syringes. Easy to use with a universal fit. Box contains 100 needles.

                  Stainless steel stapler with staples.
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                    The disposable sterilized Skin Stapler is ready for use when needed. Its quality construction provides reliable and consistent performance for reduced surgery time and less trauma to the pet. The comfortable handle fits most hand sizes and the angled head lets you see the incision to give you precise staple placement. It features a unique shuttling action which reduces track friction, the primary cause of jamming and a short trigger stroke allowing for easy operation and non-stop feeding of...

                    MonoJect 10cc Oral Syringe Monoject 10 cc Oral Dosing Syringe feeds liquids accurately to dogs, cats and small animals, doses liquid medications and wormers, dual graduation marks, teaspoons and milliliters, latex free, washable, reusable
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                    Item #: 30965-V -

                      The Monoject 10 cc Oral Syringe lets you dispense liquid formulas, medications and wormers easily and accurately. Made of polypropylene with dual graduation markings in milliliters and teaspoons. The ribbed tip cap secures the liquid in the syringe until ready to use. Non-sterile. Latex-free. Tip will not accept hypodermic needle. Label may be different than shown.

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