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Disinfection Mat foam mat, disinfection, disinfect shoes, biosecurity, kennel, disinfectant, sanitizer
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    Increase your biosecurity with the Disinfecting Mat. Just place mat on a level surface - mesh foam side up - and pour liquid sanitizer or disinfectant directly onto mat. The foam layer absorbs the liquid, allowing the mat to act as a disinfectant dispenser when stepped on. Its sturdy, impermeable poly tarp bottom keeps liquids in and toxins out. Sleek design minimizes tripping hazard and makes clean up easy. Place at entrances and exits so shoes get sanitized going in and coming out! Not to be...

    Scalpel Kit scalpel kit, scalpel, kit dissection, scalpel blade, 12 blade, 15 scalpel, surgical instruments, surgical blade, buy scalpel, dissection tools
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      With a stainless steel handle and ten blades of the same size, this scalpel and blade set is useful for a variety of surgical operations and procedures.


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